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Vacuum-Line Cleaner System


Designed with a sealed lid to minimize spillage, the EZ 1-2-3 Atomizer dental vacuum line cleaner system is a one-gallon container integrated with three sets of graduated tubes used to control the amount of solution dispensed for each operatory; the tubes act as an automaticshut-off, eliminating waste. Said to clean as many as three operatories with one mix of solution, the system mixes cleaning solution with air and aspirates the solution through the evacuation tubing to create a 360 contact for complete cleaning of the tubing; this helps to save staff time and minimizes wear on pumps. Sold individually, as well as in a StarterKit with the manufacturer's Vacusol Ultra and NeutraVAC cleaning solutions, the unit surpasses the company's previous atomizer by adding convenient built-in adapters, a portable handle and sealed lid, and an efficient way to manage solution uptake.
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