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Suprachrome+ Partial Denture Alloy

Argen Corporation

In the tradition of excellence, Argen is proud to announce its newest advance in metallurgy, SupraChrome+. A high-tensilestrength alloy with excellent castability, SupraChrome+ is a nickel-free cobalt-chrome alloy designed to create quality partial dentures. Both SupraChrome and SupraChrome+ are made from the elemental raw materials that guarantee metallurgical constancy.

This produces the most reliable and best-functioning partial dentures. With its extraordinary physical properties, SupraChrome+ incorporates a controlled nitrogen addition during the concast process, which results in the highest yield strength of any chrome-cobalt alloy on the market. This results in higher fracture resistance, allowing for smaller, thinner partial frameworks and more-resilient clasps. Truly, a metallurgical breakthrough.
Argen Corporation
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